“We are standing at the crossroads of a critical juncture, looking at our system and its failing infrastructure – they try to hold us hostage with a system broken down, but we can change at any point, and there are so many solutions to be found: renewable energy, a green economy transition, elected representatives with ethical positions that understand and value environmental systems – understanding they’re a value to people everywhere, and our basic human right to clean water, earth and air. Some things are hard, so many things are wrong-  but together we are capable, unstoppable and strong. “



“The RECLAIM Act alone would have brought $1 billion back to coal mining regions in Central Appalachia. But, despite strong outcry from his constituents – including 16 local governments which passed local resolutions urging his support – McConnell did not push for a vote for these programs that would directly benefit his constituents. Despite his enormous influence in Congress, he did nothing. Much like the miners suffering from black lung, he allowed these measures to die without a voice…When McConnell speaks up for coal, it always seems to align with the people profiting in the fossil fuel industry and not the hard- working people he is supposed to represent…With each passing day, Kentuckians are wondering if change can bring us better than what we have, including elected representatives that have a voice for the people. Certainly, we deserve better than a politician who fails to help us in the short term and
loudly undermines long-term solutions. McConnell may be a friend of coal, but he’s no friend to its people.”