When Water Calls You By Your Name

A collection of collaborative poems written about specific bodies of water, connecting to themes of land, climate, and identity. The collection will be anchored by collaborative poems between the poet and friends, comrades, family and collaborators who have shared significant experiences around the bodies of water that the poems are about. 


Just Imagine Art Show (2021)


To shape a Just Transition, we know we need liberated imaginings, ideas that reach beyond the expectations and limitations we’ve been taught. So we invited help from Kentucky’s creative community – knowing that art, literature, music, and more can help us expand to more complete and creative ways ot thinking, seeing, and problem solving. Over forty artists responded to this call with fifty-three works of art, spanning visual art, poetry, theater, music, textiles, video, and more – each infused with incredible creativity, love, raw honesty, and vision.  Through this virtual art exhibit, we hope to emerge with new, inspiring, and expansive ways to communicate  about Just Transition in Kentucky.